Eid under occupation.


Today is Eid, an Islamic holiday. Usually in Palestine this day is a celebration, you could have seen children everywhere laughing , playing and just simply being children.

The scene is dark everywhere in Palestine, people wore all balck shirts with statements like ’ we’re all Gaza’ and ’ My Eid…


What To Do If Your Car Brakes Fail 
I know this isn’t cute or funny or particularly “tumblr-y” at a all, but I want ya’ll to be safe! You never know when something like this might happen, and being prepared is never a bad thing. 

"So I think we shouldn’t judge any woman whether she’s skinny or young or big or voluptuous and you shouldn’t judge skinny girls either because there’s a lot of skinny girls who can’t help it, too. You can’t get mad at the size zeros."

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Women of the World

Photos by Steve McCurry

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Director and writer Anjali Menon, actress and dancer Rima Kallingal, business owner and fashion designer Maithri Srikant and dancer and research scholar Methil Devika at the Women’s Leadership conclave of the Confederation of Indian Industry in Kochi, Kerala

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"Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?"

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this is really powerful. wow.

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